...And the Survey Says

We want to hear from you New Jersey! NJ TRANSIT is conducting three new surveys for our customers, and you could even win a prize for completing them!  

First, ongoing until June 9th, NJ TRANSIT will be conducting a survey onboard Trans-Hudson buses and at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Be on the lookout for representatives conducting the survey who will be wearing red NJ TRANSIT aprons. Some questions on the survey include your origin/destination locations, your transportation modes to/from your stop, as well as the purpose of your trip. A paper survey will be provided, and you will have the option to complete it on board and return it to the survey representative, complete it later and mail it back in a prepaid envelope, or use the link on the survey to complete it online.  

Our Customer Satisfaction Survey has also been launched. You can find it here. This survey asks NJ TRANSIT Bus, Rail, Light Rail, and Access Link customers to rate their satisfaction with NJ TRANSIT on a scale of 0 to 10. Customers will rate over 40 of NJ TRANSIT’s service attributes and provide basic origin, destination, and demographic information. As part of the survey, customers are also asked to identify the five most important service attributes among the rated list of attributes. The survey helps identify specific areas needing attention, allowing NJ TRANSIT to focus resources on key drivers of satisfaction to improve the overall customer experience. Those who complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey will be entered to win a monthly pass or a $100 gift card! Additionally, we are offering all participants 250 NJT Rewards points. Keep an eye out for ambassadors at our rail stations, bus terminals, and light rail stations, now through early June!  

Lastly, in partnership with Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, the metropolitan planning organization for the Camden/Philly area, we will be conducting surveys of Atlantic City Rail Line customers. Similar to the Trans-Hudson survey, some questions that will be asked include your origin/destination locations, trip purposes, and basic demographic questions. This survey will be conducted by survey agents, wearing orange NJ TRANSIT vests, onboard trains and in stations on Wednesday, May 25th, and Thursday, May 26th.  

We want to hear from you, and your feedback will help NJ TRANSIT provide the best possible service to you!