The Bus Stops Here!

Where’s my bus stop? Where’s my bus? Can I request a shelter? Those are some of the most frequent questions we receive from bus customers, particularly if you’re new to the system. To help you out, here are answers to these and other questions.

Bus stop locations and signs
Many, but not all, of our bus stops are marked with bus stop signs that include a bus stop number, a list of the bus routes that serve the stop, and how to get information about the next buses serving that location. Each designated stop must be approved by the municipality it is located in.

NJ TRANSIT is responsible for installing and maintaining its bus stop signs and poles. If you observe a missing or damaged sign, send us the information online, or call (973) 275-5555 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.

When will my bus arrive?
To determine when the next bus for your route will arrive at your stop, text the five-digit bus stop ID number on the sign to MyBus (69287). You will receive a reply with the next buses scheduled to arrive at your stop. You can also visit Then click the menu icon --> “Status” --> “MyBus” before typing in your bus route, direction of travel and bus stop information. Scroll down to get the bus arrival information.

When your bus approaches, you can hail the bus by waving to the approaching bus operator, but be sure to stay off the roadway in a safe location.

How do I request a bus stop?
Under New Jersey law, the authority to designate a bus stop rests with the municipality of the desired bus stop location. As a result, you should contact the community first to make a request. Then, we will work closely with the municipality and provide recommendations to ensure it is located in a safe and convenient area along an established bus route. The governing body will make the final decision.

How do I request a bus shelter for my stop?
NJ TRANSIT arranges and pays for the installation of bus shelters at legally established bus stops as long as a public or private sponsor agrees to accept responsibility for the maintenance and liability of the shelter. You can contact your local government or the shelter sponsor to request repairs for the bus shelter.

Trouble accessing your bus stop?
If you’re unable to gain access to your bus stop due to snow, ice, flooding or any other situation, contact the municipality, county, state agency or bus shelter sponsor to address the problem. NJ TRANSIT is not responsible for shoveling or clearing snow, ice or debris from bus stops or shelters. 

If you have question further questions about these or other bus stop issues, visit