Cross-Honoring and How to Use It

NJ TRANSIT has an important tool for your customer toolbox – cross-honoring!

When there are significant service disruptions that affect your travel, such as severe weather or unexpected shutdowns, we may announce that cross-honoring is in effect. Cross-honoring allows you to take alternate service on NJ TRANSIT or another transportation provider to your final destination, giving you added travel flexibility at no additional cost.

Here are a few examples of how cross-honoring might work.

  • Rail service between New York and New Jersey shut down? NJ TRANSIT may implement cross-honoring, allowing you to use your rail pass or ticket for service in and out of New York on our bus service, PATH and/or private bus carriers. 
  • Are buses temporarily restricted from entering Philadelphia due to a major event, like a Presidential visit? NJ TRANSIT may implement cross-honoring to allow you to use your bus pass or ticket on our Atlantic City Rail Line or PATCO for service into Philadelphia.
  • Bad snowstorm approaching? We may announce ahead of the storm that your ticket or pass will be accepted on all modes of travel (bus, rail, light rail service and/or our transportation partners) to get to your final destination.

How Will I Know My Options?
Whenever cross-honoring is announced, a specific service alternative will be part of the announcement so pay close attention. NJ TRANSIT may team up with other transit agencies or private carriers to supplement our service when needed. You will find this information on our website, in the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App®, on our social media channels, broadcast traffic and news reports, or elsewhere.

How it works
Always remember to have your valid ticket or pass with you to take advantage of cross-honoring. Display it to the bus operator, train conductor, faregate representative, fare inspector or other representative on your announced alternate mode of travel. Please note that cross-honoring does not provide unlimited travel but will provide travel to the station or stop closest to your original destination.
Know Your Options Before Something Happens!
It’s always good to know your travel alternatives BEFORE something happens, so find out what cross-honoring option works best for you based on your origin and destination. You can use our Trip Planner to explore some of your options.

To learn more about cross-honoring and how it works, click here.