If You Lost It, We May Have Found It.

Have you ever lost something while riding NJ TRANSIT and thought you would never see it again? You might be surprised to learn that many of our customers turn to our Lost & Found and are happily reunited with their belongings, such as coats, bags, cell phones, laptops — even engagement rings and rare violins.

Many of your fellow customers or NJ TRANSIT employees have recovered lost items in their travels and turned them into Lost & Found. The items are entered into our Lost & Found database for future reference before being stored in a safe location.

The Lost & Found process is fast and easy, with a growing success rate. There are three easy ways to report a lost item:

  • Visit www.njtransit.com, go to “Contact” and click on “Lost & Found”
  • Visit one of our Customer Service offices
  • Call us at (973) 275-5555

When you contact us, be ready with the following information to help us track the lost item:

  • Let us know what service you were riding on (bus route number, or the name of the rail or light rail line)
  • If you know the number of the bus, train, or light rail vehicle you were riding on, that is helpful
  • Let us know the date and time you were riding
  • If possible, let us know where you were seated
  • Provide a detailed description of the item
  • Let us know how we can reach you after we complete our research

After you provide the information, we’ll give you a customer case number. Then we’ll cross-check our database to determine if anything matches the description of your item in our inventory. We also cross-check items previously reported lost when new items come in. If we find a potential match, we’ll give you a call to come and retrieve your item!

Some items left behind by NJ TRANSIT customers.


This First Run article previously appeared in the April 9, 2021 issue.