Latest Travel Survey Underway

NJ TRANSIT needs your help as we expand our transportation planning efforts. Our fourth COVID travel survey is underway, We’re looking for your input and feedback to provide you with a safe and comfortable travel experience.

With COVID-related numbers continuing to move in the right direction, more of you are returning to the NJ TRANSIT system. Our COVID travel surveys are designed to learn more about how you are traveling or why you may not be traveling (such as using your home for work or schooling). Your participation helps us determine how we are performing, track trends and make strategic decisions so we can plan our service levels accordingly.

The survey, which is available in English and Spanish, includes questions about your travel patterns before and during COVID-19, the condition and cleanliness of our stations and fleet, what your current and future work plans, are and more.

We’re also providing a big incentive for you to participate. For each round of surveys, there will be a drawing for a $100 gift card from all respondents who have completed the survey and provided their primary email address. Everyone who completes all of the surveys will be entered into a Grand Prize Drawing for a $500 gift card. Plus, if you complete all of the surveys that are issued, you will receive ten extra entries in the Grand Prize Drawing!

If you are unable to complete the survey via the online link, call (973) 491-4222 and leave a message and someone will call you back to conduct the survey over the telephone.

Don’t delay. To take the survey now and view the results of our previous COVID surveys, click here. The survey is scheduled to end June 25th.