Let “Map My Ride” Boost Your Travel Experience

We’ve released another new feature for you on the NJ TRANSIT mobile app and it’s getting rave reviews. Map My Ride allows you to locate your approaching train or bus on a virtual map, as well as see its estimated arrival time! 

For bus customers, “My Bus” is the best way to start your journey in the app. When you choose your bus route, direction of travel and bus stop, a real-time map will open, revealing your bus route and the next bus approaching your stop.

Rail customers should start by selecting “DepartureVision,” your station of origin and the train you plan to use. Then, click on the “Map” tab to open the interactive map and locate your train. You can watch the train on the map as it makes its way to your station.


As a bonus, Map My Ride is seamlessly integrated with the NJT Rewards program. NJT Rewards allows you to earn points towards deals and discounts at a growing number of participating vendors and attractions when you purchase your NJ TRANSIT tickets or passes through the app. And don’t forget, you can always get additional perks for free when visiting our Deals and Discounts page.

Click on the Map My Ride video to see how it works. For more information about the mobile app and how to download it on your mobile device, visit njtransit.com/app. If you’ve already downloaded the app, make sure you update it frequently to get the latest version with the newest features, including Map My Ride. Also, make sure location services is enabled on your mobile device so this new feature will deliver the most up-to-date information.