NJ TRANSIT Celebrates Earth Day!

A group of NJ TRANSIT employees took time out on April 22nd to celebrate Earth Day. Team Transit joined hundreds of other volunteers – from businesses, community organizations and individuals – for a cleanup of Newark, NJ (see pictures below). The City of Newark is home to our Headquarters building, several of our bus, rail and light rail stations and terminals, and some of our maintenance and training facilities.

To express our appreciation and demonstrate good corporate citizenship, nearly 30 NJ TRANSIT employees armed with rakes, brooms, gloves, shovels, trash bags and other cleaning items spent the morning cleaning up around Newark Light Rail stations and adjacent neighborhoods, cleaning up trash, tree limbs, water bottles and other debris – even brake pads. The citywide “Slam Dunk the Junk” event is held annually in New Jersey’s largest city, but was on a brief hiatus for the pandemic.

In addition to this effort, NJ TRANSIT continues to pursue several “green” initiatives in support of clean energy and to help battle climate change. Among the highlights:

  • Zero-emission buses are being purchased as part of a pilot program in Camden that will gradually allow us to transition to a 100-percent, zero-emissions bus fleet by 2040.
  • Energy-efficient lighting has been installed at stations, terminals, parking areas, and employee facilities.
  • The agency is expanding its electric, non-revenue vehicle fleet.
  • The agency is also working with communities and the private sector to expand Transit-Oriented Development around stations and terminals.
  • NJ TRANSIT is storm-hardening our system to make it more resilient during severe weather events, including upgrades to our power, signal and communications systems.
  • NJ TRANSIT is soliciting input from elected officials, interest groups and other stakeholders to shape the agency’s first long-term sustainability plan, part of our “NJT2030: A 10-Year Strategic Plan.”

To learn more, visit our sustainability web page.