Tickets Please - We Have a Ticket or Pass (and Savings) Just for You!

When it comes to tickets, NJ TRANSIT offers many convenient, secure and cost-effective options for your trip, including one-way tickets, weekly passes, ten-trip tickets, monthly passes, our popular FlexPass and more. We also offer discounted fares for children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, students, Family Supersaver Fares, and more.

For information about bus tickets, passes, discounts, how to buy them, the travel flexibility they offer and more, click here.

For information on rail tickets, passes, discounts, how to buy them, the travel flexibility they offer and more, click here.

For information on light rail tickets, passes, how to buy them, ticket validation (time-stamping) and travel flexibility information, click here.

For more general information on how to ride the bus, rail or light rail system, click here.

For Access Link paratransit ticketing information, click here or call (973) 491-4224.


One of the easiest and most secure ways to purchase bus, rail or light rail tickets or passes is by using the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App. Once you purchase the ticket or pass in the app, activate it at least three minutes before your departure, to give the Rail Conductor, Bus Operator or Light Rail Fare Inspector time to verify you have a valid ticket. To learn more and download the Mobile App, click here.

Access Link customers also have a Mobile App with multiple features and fare-paying capabilities. To find out more about the Access Link mobile app, click here.

Rail Purchase Options

In addition to our mobile app, you can find Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) at rail terminals and rail stations. Rail customers can also purchase tickets or passes from Ticket Agents at available ticket windows at major rail terminals and some outlying rail stations.

As a reminder, if an operational TVM or Ticket Agent is available at your boarding station and you do not purchase your rail ticket or pass before boarding, a $5 surcharge will be added to your purchase.

Bus Purchase options

Bus tickets and passes can also be purchased at available TVMs or from Ticket Agents at major terminals and park & rides. Please consult your bus timetable to determine whether your bus operates on an exact fare line, a full-service line or a ticket-required line before trying to make an onboard purchase. Your fare is determined based on the number of zones you travel through. Check the map on your bus line’s timetable to see how many zones you pass through. Bus fare charts can be found here.

Light Rail Purchase Options

Light rail tickets or passes are available from TVMs at all light rail stations. If you purchase a one-way ticket, be sure to time-stamp your ticket in a validator machine before boarding your light rail vehicle. Tickets are valid for 60 minutes on Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and Newark Light Rail, and 75 minutes on the River LINE. Fare inspectors will board trains to ensure you have a valid ticket or pass. Monthly passes are valid any time for the month indicated on your pass.

Cross Honoring

Your ticket or pass may also be used on other modes of travel when “Cross Honoring” is announced, such as during severe weather events or service disruptions. Click here for more information about cross honoring and how it works.

More Saving!

For additional money-saving options, consider purchasing student passes, group trips, and bulk sales. And don’t forget to take advantage of our Rewards Program, where you can get deals and discounts just for riding our service!

Trip Planner

Finally, don’t forget to use our convenient Trip Planner tool to get you where you need to go. Just type in your origin and destination, your preferred mode of travel, and the date and time you are planning to travel. The Trip Planner will provide you with three itinerary options and fare information for your trip.


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