TRANSITional Art Brightens the Commute

NJ TRANSIT and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts have teamed up to help you enjoy your travel experience. Specifically, we’re bringing temporary arts projects to some of our stations and terminals, highlighting the works of local artists!

Known as ‘The TRANSITional Art Project,’ the latest installations are on display at Trenton Transit Center (TTC), which is served by our Northeast Corridor trains, River LINE light rail service, NJ TRANSIT bus service and Amtrak. The exhibition, entitled ‘Moving Ahead,’ is on display through November 2021, and includes a 2D Art Banner system, vinyl murals located at the East and South Bus Stops, and a re-envisioned bike rack sculptural installation.

The goals of the program are to connect NJ TRANSIT customers and the local community with new and exciting experiences in their daily lives, and to provide New Jersey artists exhibition opportunities and a supportive experience by creating public art in transit spaces.

Selected local artists receive stipends from The TRANSITional Art Project to help offset the costs of developing and installing their projects. Artists selected for the TTC installation include Chee Bravo, Laura Beard, Leon Rainbow, Liz Amaral, Raphael Ogoe and Wills Kinsley.

“The Trenton Transit Center is a hub for commuters in Central Jersey, so it’s only appropriate that it be adorned with original art created by artists from the same area,” said NJ TRANSIT President & CEO Kevin Corbett. “The New Jersey State Council on the Arts has been a great partner in bringing this unique experience to our customers in a way that we hope makes their travel more enjoyable and illuminating.”

Up next, the Trenton TRANSITional Art Project has also coordinated efforts with ARTWORKS, a local nonprofit arts organization, and their program entitled ‘Stepping Into Tomorrow’ to beautify the Wallenberg Avenue intersection with crosswalk art in front of the TTC. ARTWORKS received funding for this effort through corporate and foundation sponsors and commissioned artist George Bates for the crosswalk art, which will debut this month.

NJ TRANSIT and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts intend to continue providing new art exhibitions at Trenton Transit Center in the future and expand to other stations throughout the state.

“The exhibition is, we hope, one that will make the commuting experience more enlightening and inspiring for our customers,” said NJ TRANSIT Assistant Director of Facility Signage and Transit Arts Christine Blanco.

Christine has been working with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts for more than two years to bring the displays to different facilities around New Jersey. Among the other featured locations of TRANSITional Art – Newark Penn Station in 2019 and Atlantic City Rail and Bus Terminals in 2020. Plans are being made to identify the next NJ TRANSIT location and group of artists for a TRANSITional Art Project in 2022.

“The TRANSITional Art Program with NJ TRANSIT is an exciting opportunity to showcase New Jersey’s artists in a new way,” said New Jersey State Council on the Arts Director of Artist Services, Danielle Bursk. “We are proud to help connect NJ TRANSIT riders and the people of Central New Jersey with new art experiences. We’re very excited about this partnership and the opportunities it provides to artists and to the community.”

More images of the TTC installation can be found below.