Welcome K9 Kenny and K9 Stokes!

The NJ TRANSIT Police Department (NJTPD) welcome the arrival of two new K9s, K9 Kenny and K9 Stokes! 

K9 Stokes with Officer Sczesny

K9 Stokes is a one-year old German Shepherd from Slovakia who was procured by the NJTPD on March 3, 2021. While K9 Stokes is off duty, he resides at home with Officer Sczesny and his family. 

K9 Kenny with Sgt. DeLucca

K9 Kenny is a one-year old Dutch Shepherd from Hungary who was also procured by NJTPD on March 3, 2021. While K9 Kenny is off duty, he resides with Sgt. DeLucca and his family. 

The NJTPD wanted to find a way to honor the memory of agency employees lost to COVID-19. The Department decided that a way they could do this was by naming the two new K9s after a Bus Operations’ employee and a Rail Operations’ employee. After careful review and consideration, the two names were chosen.

K9 Stokes honors the memory of former NJ TRANSIT bus employee Shanda Stokes. Shanda joined NJ TRANSIT in 1998 as a bus operator and worked her way up to a Depot Master at our Wayne Garage. 

K9 Kenny honors the memory of former Senior Vice President & General Manager of Rail Operations Ray Kenny. Ray joined NJ TRANSIT in 2019 after a 50-year career in the rail industry and his wealth of railroad knowledge made a true positive impact on our organization.

In the last few weeks, NJ TRANSIT has held two K9 naming ceremonies in honor of both Shanda Stokes and Ray Kenny. We presented both families with proclamations to honor their memory and time with NJ TRANSIT.

Pictured below you will see photos from the events. Video replays are also available to watch both events. Here for K9 Stokes and here for K9 Kenny. 

Shanda Stokes' family and friends with K9 Stokes

Ray Kenny's family and friends