What To Do When A Storm Approaches

Winter Storm Kenan delivered quite a wallop to New Jersey and other states along the eastern seaboard on Saturday, January 29, 2022.

After a State of Emergency was declared by Governor Phil Murphy and as forecasts worsened the day before, NJ TRANSIT proactively suspended its Bus, River LINE and Access Link services on January 29th to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. While our Rail, Newark Light Rail and Hudson-Bergen Light Rail services did operate, they experienced delays and cancellations due to the severity of the storm.

Multiple NJ TRANSIT business lines are involved in planning for and responding to storms, and they place the highest priority on protecting customers, employees, our fleet and our facilities. Key personnel at our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and elsewhere monitor conditions, respond to incidents as needed and communicate updates to customers.

What to do if a major storm is approaching

Here are some tips to keep you “in the know”:

  • Download the free NJ TRANSIT mobile app (www.njtransit.com/app) and sign up to receive alerts for service updates for the lines and routes you travel (as well as buy tickets, find real-time travel information, plan your trip and much more). To learn how to customize alerts for the mobile app, click here.
  • Sign up at www.njtransit.com/mytransit to receive Transit Alerts on the mobile app, via email and/or text message.
  • Watch for updates on our website (www.njtransit.com), including the “Breaking News” bar at the top of the homepage, Service Alert buttons on the homepage with links to the latest information, and Customer Alerts and Advisories (www.njtransit.com/travel-alerts-to).
  • Monitor and follow us on our social media channels (www.njtransit.com/socialmedia), particularly Twitter where you can follow the individual handle for your train, bus or light rail service to receive the latest updates.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for news on major TV and radio outlets.
  • Listen closely to station and onboard announcements for possible delays, detours or cancellations if you are traveling and the storm intensifies.

What if you have to travel during a storm?

If NJ TRANSIT service is operating in a storm and you must travel, customers should build extra travel time into their schedules, as delays and cancellations are possible as a result of a storm’s impact. Customers are also advised to use extreme caution around bus stops, stations, facilities and platforms as slippery conditions may exist.


One of your best options in a severe storm or other service disruption may be cross-honoring of tickets and passes. If cross-honoring is announced as being in effect, it can allow you to use your valid ticket or pass interchangeably on NJ TRANSIT bus, rail, or light rail services, PATH, SEPTA, PATCO, ferries or private carrier buses, at no additional charge (please read the announcement carefully to know what services are being cross-honored).

To use cross-honoring, simply display your ticket or pass to the bus operator, train conductor, faregate representative, fare inspector or other representative on the mode you are using. Note: cross-honoring does not provide unlimited travel, only travel to the station or stop closest to your original destination.

Know Before You Go

It’s always best to know what your travel alternatives are BEFORE something happens. By using our Trip Planner now, you can type in your origin and destination to see what bus, rail and/or light rail alternatives may work best for you.

A Thank You to Our Employees

NJ TRANSIT would like to thank its dedicated employees who work before, during and after each storm to keep our services moving, restore other services that were suspended, and assist customers trying to get where they need to go. Here are some photos of their most recent and amazing work from Winter Storm Kenan!